Weekly Links 3

July 2, 2023

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I wasn't able to put together anything new, I basically skipped the whole month. June was tough. I needed a small break from the Internet and social media. Things are getting better now, we're getting used to the new normal. Anyway, here's the good stuff for this week!

  • Internet Archive but like for design thingies. Valery Marier, who is a designer that creates layouts, websites, and the occasional typeface (quoting her website, which is cool by the way), put together a collection of interesting design resources from the Internet Archive. This one is one of my favs, NASA logo the right way.

  • Well, you’re in your little room. I really like studios, like home offices or those places where creative people let it flow. Austin Kleon shares some pictures about his space and it looks pretty good actually. Love the vibe.

  • This one is for the Condiment Connoisseurs. This website collects sauce packets from different brands and years. This one has 90s all over. WTF is Chicken Tea 🍗 🍵.

  • Pixel. Art. 🖼️. This is really nice stuff. I mean, like this dude combined newish tech (📷 ) with a Gameboy and the OG Gameboy Camera and boom! created awesome art. I want one!

  • Grab the pop corn. If you are endlessly scrolling through Netflix catalog this might be the right article for you. Pick one and enjoy.

That's all for this week. Let me know what you think and feel free to send me interesting links or comments!

- Miguel

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